About this website


Welcome to my blog! I created this site so I could share my passion for paranormal phenomena with other people interested in the same things. I love exploring deserted places in search of strange events, and I often bring along several of my friends. Since I have other hobbies, as well, I’ll also detail some of the activities that I engage in during my spare time. One of these passions is fishing, and I’ve invested a lot of time in researching the best gear and equipment over the years, which is why I’ll be able to recommend it to you.

Paranormal events aren’t just related to ghosts and sightings of this kind. They involve a great deal of culture, folklore, and many other concepts that have been around for quite a while. Some people believe that there are extraterrestrial forces which are guiding us some way or the other, but I’ve always been rather wary of this theory. In my opinion, there’s a high chance that no superior civilization is helping us nowadays, as otherwise, we wouldn’t keep making the same mistakes that history appears not to have taught us. If you have ever felt like you don’t belong in this world or like the people that surround you couldn’t have been stranger, perhaps you have a unique way of looking at things. Many a time, individuals aren’t willing to look beneath the surface of stuff because they don’t want to get scared. Notions like psychic abilities, UFOs, ghosts, or extraterrestrial life might be too much to bare for some people, and we have to try to keep an open mind and understand them as best as possible.

A piece of advice that I can give you is that you should try to keep your paranormal capabilities or beliefs to yourself. Unless you have a group of friends who are understanding and share the same principles as you, you’ll have to resort to doing your own research and reading many books from the library. To be sure, you can look up forums online and get in touch with other people interested in unexplained phenomena. However, your coworkers and other people that you might come in contact at your workplace should have no idea about your passion.

If you’re interested in diving into paranormal subjects, I’m here to help. I’ll always be eager to answer your questions and communicate with you if you ever want to leave a comment or get in touch with me. After all, this is the reason I made this blog so that I could establish a connection with other folks interested in spiritual entities, cryptids, and even parapsychology. As a final note, I’d like to add that I sometimes share videos from YouTube about these topics. You wouldn’t believe the small treasures one can find when spending many hours online.