How to cook a hearty meal out of the fish you’ve caught


After you taken plenty of pictures and shown your catch off to everyone it’s time to start thinking about dinner. Even though a fish fillet is considered a light meal, you can easily turn it into a hearty meal. The first step is to clean the fish and cut it into fillets. If you’re not sure about the size, try and keep the fillets around 6 to 8 ounces. Now that you have the hard part done here is how you can cook a hearty meal out of the fish you’ve caught.


You will need a few items

Along with the fish fillets you will need a few ears of corn and some red potatoes. Butter, salt and pepper will also be necessary. If you are cooking the meal in the oven you will also need a glass baking pan, along with aluminum foil. Campers will want to substitute the baking pan for a skillet. Once you have assembled all of these items you are ready to get started.


Prep work

Tear of sections of the aluminum foil to wrap around a serving size of red potatoes. As for the ears of corn, break them in half and then cover with foil. If you are camping you will want to toss the foil packages into the hot coals, being careful to stay away from the center of the fire. Now it’s time to rub salt and pepper over both sides of the fillets. Don’t worry if you apply too much, the excess can be easily brushed off. Here is an useful video:



Next place the fillets on the skillet or wrap them in foil and place them in the baking pan. If you’re using a skillet you will want to flip the fillets after a few minutes. The fish will be lightly browned on the edges when it is finished. You can also cook the fillets in a skillet at home if you don’t like the taste of baked fish. The aluminum foil pouches only take about 10 to 15 minutes to bake in the oven, less if the coals around the campfire are still glowing.

Carefully remove the foil packets and let them sit for a few minutes, they will be extremely hot. You also want to watch out for hot steam when you do open the corn and potatoes. All that’s left to do is season to taste with the salt, pepper and butter and then sit back and enjoy.


This is one of my favorite recipes:


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