Must-have things you ought to bring along when you’re out hunting for ghosts



I recently came across a fantastic article from Ghost Hunting Secrets about ten items that you should take with you whenever you’re going on a ghost hunting trip. While I do have my own list, I would like to make some changes and add some more so that this post turns out being helpful for those people who take some of their time to read what I’m writing on here.

The article that I stumbled upon is onto something because you have to get yourself prepared and have a healthy dose of patience when you set out for such a feat. Maybe now you’ll understand why I like both angling and ghost hunting. I have nothing against sitting on the shore for hours on end and most of the times, it has resulted in great catches. If you have plenty of time on your hands and don’t plan on doing something else, a ghost hunting trip is the perfect activity for you.

If you’ve ever seen Blair Witch Project, you probably know that people take at least a recorder and a small digital camera when going out in the woods at nighttime. If you ever do get a sighting and you have nothing other than a flashlight with you, chances are that nobody will believe and you’ll sound a bit off when telling your friends and family about the haunted area you’ve visited.

Not too many people are understanding when it comes to this passion of mine, and for many years I tried to hide it. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that there are other ghost hunters just like me online and that I can get in touch with them and create a meaningful community. These days, I can even say that I have a bunch of friends with whom I hang out and have fun once in a while.

Another critical thing to bring along is your ID. Whether you have a passport, an ID card, a library card, or your driver’s license, the fact of the matter is that you should have some papers on you that can testify that it’s you. I’ve been pulled over by the police when going out several times, so it’s important to know that you have everything at hand.

While a log book is useful, it’s not exactly necessary if you’re bringing along an action camera. These days, a GoPro has plenty of internal memory that can enable you to shoot for as many as three hours at a time.

Last but not least, you simply must take your electromagnetic field meter with you. It’s especially useful when you’re trying to find out the right area you have to check out.

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