What you need to know about ghost hunting



By its very nature, ghost hunting is still considered a fringe pseudoscience, which means the mainstream considers it questionable despite it being just an inquiry into an established field of study. As a pseudoscience, ghost hunting comprises practices, beliefs and claims forwarded by practitioners to be scientifically plausible but still unjustifiable via the established scientific method.



Ghost hunting equipment


Ghost hunters collect evidence that will support paranormal activity. One of the most popular ghost hunting devices is a digital, infrared, night vision or even disposable camera. This device has to be of top quality to ensure peak performance when handling such a delicate photo subject as a ghost. EMF meters, spectrum analyzers, UV scanners, X-ray or magnetometers are used to detect likely unexplained fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. Ghost hunters also use tablet, laptop and desktop PCs for video, audio and data recording along with environmental fluctuation measuring just like what EMF meters are used for. Thermal imaging cameras, thermographic cameras, infrared thermometers and similar infrared temperature sensors are utilized as well.

The following modern-day devices have found their way into any ghost hunting setup: digital and analog recorders; compass; Geiger counter; ultrasonic and infrared sensors; air quality monitoring gear; infrasound monitoring equipment; ghost box; Ouija board.


Ghost hunting methodologies


Ghost hunters utilize a variety of techniques or methodologies to detect the presence of paranormal phenomena or activity that proves the presence of spirits, ghosts, demons, and many other supernatural entities. They do this using still photography and video recording, ambient temperature measurement for assessing surface temperature, and audio recording to capture electronic voice phenomena or supernatural noises, which are interpreted as disembodied voices.

A compass serves to determine paranormal spot locations, which is similar to EMF. Radiation fluctuations are measured using a Geiger counter. Ghost hunters also study possible beyond- normal movement within a specific area using motion sensors. They assist in the creation of a controlled setting in which any trace of human motion is detected. The levels of carbon monoxide and other gases are assessed using air quality evaluation gear, as such elements are considered supportive of paranormal activity. The level of sound vibrations is studied using infrasound monitoring gear or accelerometers.

Brass, L-shaped dowsing or divining rods are used to find paranormal activity spots. Ghost hunting is performed from midnight until 4 am, considered ‘peak’ evening hours, with the lights out. Ghost hunters perform interviews to gather accounts and testimonies about reported hauntings. They also do historical research on the site under investigation.

Spirit communications are carried out via an Ouija board, or through clairvoyants, mediums and psychics, who are sensitive individuals capable of identifying and making contact with spiritual elements. Exorcism and demonology are employed, and even the help of clergy is sought. Clergy, demonologists and exorcists give blessings, say prayers and execute rituals to invoke a Higher Power to intervene in the purposeful cleansing of a location believed to be inhabited by demons, restless and vengeful spirits, poltergeists or negative energy.



Ghost hunting applications


Some ghost hunters refer to themselves as paranormal investigators, offering their services to those who are bothered by hauntings and unexplained phenomena. We now even have television series documenting ghost hunting activities by practitioners of the pseudoscience. With the increasing availability of modern ghost hunting equipment and the popularity of ghost hunting reality shows on TV, there also seems to be an increasing number of individuals taking up ghost hunting as a hobby.

Ghost hunting gear is offered by small businesses. People now feel excited about ghost hunting tours and paranormal investigation society membership. Plenty of ghost hunting websites and message boards are on the web.
For any person intending to become a ghost hunter, skepticism is normal, even a prerequisite because it can lead to careful performance of an investigation, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the task to prove that ghosts do exist.

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